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The Real Reason I Will Watch The Super Bowl

By Char

commercial.jpgFor the commercials, of course!!!

How Magazine posted a link to a preview of an AMAZING Coke commercial called “Happiness Factory” It is so unique. I can’t imagine how much time and money this one involved.

Be sure to check back throughout the weekend and share your favorites, too!

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ROFL! I am so with you on this.


It is the third period of the game and this is my favorite commercial so far. Some of the commercials have been very weak!!


Overall, I thought COKE was weak. They showed a couple that have been running at the movie theaters…but this one! WOW! Rube Goldberg wins again :)

Great job blogging during the game, Char!


Hi Char,

This is a terrific ad! I didn’t see it until now – thanks for posting it.

I agree, some of the commercials were very weak. I went to a video site last night and looked at favorites from prior years. That was fun, too. I had forgotten how many good ones there are.



Bob – I have always been a huge fan of Rube Goldberg – which is obviously why this spoke to me. Thanks for stopping in.


Sandy – I meant to send this one to you when I first posted it – I thought of you immediately. I wasn’t impressed with most of the commercials either.

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