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The Reasons I Blog

By Char

Another game of tag is going around, but with a new spin. The topic of this meme is Why Do You Blog? So, while I wasn’t specifically tagged, I felt the vibes from eMoms at Home, Converstations, and SuccessCREEations, and decided to throw my hat in the ring, too. Here are the five reasons I blog:


I started blogging as a form of research. I had a few clients who started blogging and needed guidance, design work, and set up help. The best way for me to serve their needs was to be involved myself. It has been the best research I have done in my 10 years in business.


I love to teach and share what I know. Blogging has given my the perfect platform for sharing my web design, development and geeky knowledge. The feedback I receive in the comments lets me know I am on the right track.


Until I began blogging, most of my online networking had been done through forums. Since I began blogging, I have encountered so many great people, resources, and opportunities. My biggest question to myself is why didn’t I start blogging sooner.


Blogging makes you smarter. There is no question about it! I have learned so much by reading other blogs on a daily basis. It has really helped me take my business skills to a new level and challenged me to keep learning.


I keep blogging because it is FUN. The people, the blogs, the sense of community make me want to log in, read, comment, email, write and enjoy each day.

And now I tag:

and anyone else who wants to take this meme over to their blog and continue the fun.

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Hi Char – I love the order of your first two reasons: Learn (listening) and Teach (talking). Shows us you’re a great conversationalist. I’m glad we’ve connected because you make me smarter! Stay contagious and keep having fun!


Thanks Mike! The more knowledge you give, the more you get – but you already know that.


Thanks for the mention Char – I know you walk your talk, so your reasons for blogging are as awesome as I expected them to be! :)


You are most welcome Wendy – One of these days I need to come to Chicago to meet up with all my blogging buddies!


Hi Char… I’ve learnt so much from you and you are an awesome teacher!


Thanks Doris – you are a star student!


Hey Char! I think Mike gave you the implied tag so you were right about the vibes…


Good ones Char! I like the last one especially!

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