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The Stumble Upon Surge

By Char

Stumble UponLast Thursday I put together a post for Thursday Thirteen and it ended up being one of my favorite posts. I let a few friends know about the post and how much I liked it and encouraged them to Digg, Stumble, or Favorite it how ever they wished. Wendy at eMomsatHome Stumbled it and all I can say is THANK YOU!!

The initial surge of traffic was awesome. Wednesday my blog had 242 unique visitors. Thursday it had 1236 unique visitors. Whoa. Nice jump. And over the course of the week, that particular post continued to generate traffic – to the tune of 3337 pages viewed.

Now I know that a large majority of those visitors may never stop by my site again, but I did get a few new commenters, saw my Adsense income surge just a bit, and was linked by sites I never expected. And just maybe, I gained a few new regular readers, too.

Which social networking sites have had the most impact for you? Which ones haven’t? I’d love to know!



Congrats! It’s fun to see the numbers increase. I’ve had some luck with digg, reddit, and Shoutwire. You might want to try those, too.


Thanks! Watching numbers is fun – just have to keep it all in perspective though.


Well done, Char. Success comes from quality. Your post was great.


Thanks Ingo!


Good on you, Char! One of my fave social networking sites now happens to be myBLogLog. I made many new contacts and discovered some nice blogs via myBlogLog.


Don’t know how I missed this post – but thanks for the mention. :)

StumbleUpon has produced the most traffic for me. I’m working on getting to know Netscape next. I can only tackle one of these sites at a time – they both are their own little worlds, and it takes a while to really get the hang of them.

Interestingly, when I got a big Stumble a couple of weeks ago, my AdSense only saw 6 clicks on that page. But according to MyBlogLog, I got over 30 clicks on those ads.

Google gave me a half-a** answer that they checked my stats and indeed they calculated it correctly , factoring in their click fraud technology. But I have a hard time believing that 80% of my AdSense clicks in a traffic surge are junk clicks.

Hence, I’m not only learning about different social bookmarking sites, I’m also experimenting with different advertising options. :)

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