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Time to go Blogtipping!

By Char

BlogtippingIt’s the first of the month which makes it Official Blogtipping Day!  Let’s get started!

Blog #1 – CopyBlogger

Reasons I like it:

  1. Really useful tips – not just recycled thoughts
  2. CopyBlogger invites you to participate and is willing to give you something in return
  3. Very clean and polished site layout and use of graphics

Tip: Nothing really, but happy belated birthday.

Blog #2 – Successful Blog

Reasons I like it:

  1. Liz updates her blog with new information daily
  2. I like her series on Net Neutrality, Link Leaks, and her other creative ways of introducing us to new blogs
  3. Her entusiasm for blogging and business shines through in every post

Tip: Move your list of blog categories up higher on the page. I forget to look at the bottom when I want to find other topics you’ve written about.

Blog #3 – Phishy-Pedia Guide

Resons I like it:

  1. It is a great resource of information on Identity Theft, scams, fakes and ways to protecting yourself.
  2. Easy layout to read.
  3. It’s owner is a WAHM like me.

Tip: How about a post with some recent statistics on your topic? Just a thought. You’re doing a great job!

So, take the challenge today! Tip three blogs – your favorites, ones you’ve recently discovered, or ones you want the world to know about. It’s fun, and your stats will love you for it.

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Thank you, Char, and thanks for the tip. I’m playing with the design a bit now and it’s good know things just like that. Some things take longer than others.But that’s not one of them.

Gosh it’s great to be in such company. Thank you, again, for what you said.


Excellent blogtipping, Char. I’ll add this to the growing list :) .


Thank you for tipping my blog! I noticed the link from my Technorati profile, so it was a pleasant surprise to see that someone tipped my blog! Thanks again!

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