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Twitter, MicroMedia and the Super Bowl

By Char

What were you doing during the Super Bowl last night? Being the geek that I am, I was watching it for the commercials only and voicing my opinion about them via Twitter.

Jeremiah Owyang used Twitter to create a MicroMedia event that resulted in more than 2500 opinions on the commercials, their effectiveness, brand relevance, and overall appeal. As Twitterers, like myself, watched the ads we sent our comments to a Twitter address that Jeremiah had set up just for the event. Using one of the Twitter search engines (I was using Twitter Search) I was able to read what others had to say about the commercials, too. Jeremiah has already written a post about the aftermath (A Night at the Twitterbowl), his analysis and some tips to brand managers.

So what ads were my favorite? Overall, I felt the field was pretty weak this year. Too boring, too predictable, and downright stupid in many cases. But if I have to choose, my Top 5 were:

  1. Budweiser’s Rocky/Clydesdales spot – the Clydesdales are always a classic
  2. Coca-Cola – Charlie Brown and balloons parade
  3. Toyata’s Big Wheel races – appealing to the 70s/80s kid in many of us
  4. Diet Pepsi Max – the Chris Katan cameo made it successful
  5. Victoria’s Secret – excellent timing, tie in to both the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day

Did you miss the game and the commercials? You can see them all in the order they appeared at

What were your favorites? Which ones did you really dislike (Amp Energy, Careerbuilder, and Salesgenie for me)? And which ones do you think the companies got their money’s worth out of? 

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Char, I agree. For me, the best one was the Clydesdale, which was actually quite good, but not a single other one stuck out to me. I barely remember the others you mentioned! And think how much money those advertisers spent… What a shame.



I thought the COKE “Parade Balloons” was not only the best ad of the game, but the best ad I had seen in a very long time. Kudos to W+K.



Kristen – Most of the ads were just not memorable. I am actually surprised that some companies, like SalesGenie even had the $$ to pay for the ad spot.

RT – Coke had my favorite ad last year, too. The more I think about it though, the Victoria’s Secret ad was really well done and well placed.


We just posted our 4th annual study of how well super bowl advertisers integrated online and offline advertising – we’ll be writing more about this on our blog, but the preliminary findings are already up on our site: Super Bowl XLII Scorecard.


I wanted to inform you that Josh Bernoff went to great pains to do analysis on the 2000+ replies, and has compiled, rated and ranked

you can now see the top ranked ads according to the twitter users who participated in twitterbowl

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