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Verizon Palm Pre Plus – The “Mom Palm”

By Char

Like many of my friends, I am a Mom on the go. I juggle running my own business, raising 3 very active kids, coaching gymnastics part-time, and sneaking in time for myself (and the occasional date night with my husband) – and I really couldn’t do it without today’s mobile technology. I’ve written about my mobile office and how I rely on my cell phone to help me keep my business movingI truly am the poster child for today’s plugged-in Mom. My previous mobile phone just wasn’t getting the job done like I needed it to – so I set out on finding a new phone. As luck would have it, I have been invited to be a part of a group of Mom’s chosen by Verizon and their agencies to review the new Palm Pre Plus for the next few months. Talk about timing!

So, in full disclosure, I am letting you know that I have been given a Palm Pre Plus and the service package for it by Verizon for a few months. I am also being compensated for my time and will be hosting a giveaway in the upcoming months to go with the review. However, knowing that I am a truly a geek girl – you know the one that asks for a Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet for Christmas, totes a pink Vaio laptop and has been known to dress her cell phone in red leather, you can bet that I will be giving the Palm Pre Plus a serious workout and will give you the real scoop on the phone.

When the phone arrived last week I had to seriously fend off the rest of my technology crazed family. The kids hovered around me as I opened the box and my middle school aged daughter immediately declared that she wanted a Palm Pre Plus of her own and if I didn’t like the phone, could she have it? Uh, no. It’s. MINE. Of course my teenage son immediately went into a full fledged monologue touting the features of the Palm Pre Plus (because he started researching it the day I told him it was on its way) and how it runs on the Palm webOS operating system, has 16GB of flash storage and 512 MB of RAM, uses multi-touch technology, has a 3MP camera with a flash, and on and on and on. I couldn’t get a word in edge-wise.

After declaring it the “Mom Palm” the kids finally let me have a few minutes to play with my new phone without their commentary. I totally LOVE the way the Palm Pre Plus feels. It’s smooth finish and rounded corners make it very comfortable to hold (unlike the smartphone my husband has which feels like you are holding a brick). The Palm Pre Plus is also small (and mighty) – measuring 3.9″ x 2.3″ x .67″ – it even fits in my favorite red Vera Bradley wristlet that goes with me everywhere!

The Palm Pre Plus is a combination touch screen phone with a slide out QWERTY keyboard. The touch screen area uses something called “gestures” which are simply movements of your finger across the screen in a certain motion that cause things to happen. For example, sliding your finger from right to left across the bottom of the screen takes you back one screen; you can close applications on the “desktop” but sliding them upward off the top of the screen; and you can zoom in and out on pictures by placing two thumbs near the center of the photo and “pulling” out diagonally. The keyboard ROCKS. It has a “clicky” feel to it much like a full size keyboard would.

Once I got finished playing with the gesture area and oohing and aahing over the keyboard, I started to set up the Palm Pre Plus. Within minutes I had made the Palm Pre Plus “my own” - by simply logging into my Gmail account I instantly had my complete contact list, calendar and email. This is exactly the type of functionality I need. Additionally, I synced the contacts with my Facebook account so not only can I call, text, Google Talk (IM), and email my friends right from the contact list – I can also see their Facebook status updates, profile photos and add notes to their contact details.

By syncing the calendar with my Gmail calendar (you can sync it with your Outlook calendar and others, too) I can keep track of my commitments from anywhere and get friendly reminders so I don’t miss a thing. If I add an event to my calendar from my phone it immediately shows up on my desktop. I have shared calendars with my family and with some clients and the calendars all show up in different colors on the Palm Pre Plus so I know at a glance who the appointment belongs to. Too cool!!

In addition to the standard Smartphone features of phone, text, email, web, camera and calendar, the Palm Pre Plus:

  • acts as an MP3 player,
  • lets you watch videos – with amazing quality too,
  • has a cool “corkboard” for writing yourself memos,
  • has a great to-do list (my favorite),
  • can give you directions to anywhere in a flash using Google Maps (no GPS unless you want to subscribe to the Verizon Navigator service for $9.99 a month)
  • and through the App store you can find free and low cost apps for just about anything you want to add to your phone.
  • No news yet if it will be released in T-Mobile 4g, anytime soon.

Having used the Palm Pre Plus for just under two weeks now, all I can say is WOW! It may be small, but it sure can do a lot and look fabulous doing it! This phone and I will be spending a lot of quality time together – from my home office to the carpool line, pool deck and everywhere in between. I’ll keep you posted along the way – especially as I find out what other amazing feats this phone can help me conquer in my busy life.

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Ooooh… Pretty. Shiny. Nice review- looks like a great gadget, and no matter how many gadgets you have, there’s always room for more right? :)


Pretty & shiny does not even begin to cover it! This phone is so much fun. And yes, you can never have too many gadgets (or purses, or shoes, or fonts, or websites…)!


Looks like a very cool phone. I was thinking of getting a new phone soon so I’ll have to check this one out.



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