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Wanted: An IE Work Around Cheat Sheet

By Char

IE voodooAs a web designer, I am constantly battling with browsers! Something looks great in Firefox and then you go check it in Internet Explorer and WHAM – you look like you have never designed a thing in your life. IE makes me crazy.

Does anyone have a good resource, cheat sheet or what not to help designers work around and avoid IE glitches before they even start developing? If so, please let me know!! I am going out of my mind over here.

And for those of you who don’t fully know the evils of IE and web development, please go read OneNaught’s article on how IE Slows Down Web Development. This pie chart from The Net is Dead is PRICELESS and pretty much sums up my attitude toward IE today.

IE Voodoo picture from OneNaught

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Hey Char,
Sorry, I don’t think there is such a Beastie. Problem is that somewhere around 90% of users have IEx so no matter what, it has to look good there.
Maybe design in IE and tweak in FF may be the only real answer.


If you ever find one please let me know. I would love to have one as well. Maybe the best solution is to create it then you can be famous!


If you find one, please share!


I feel your pain. I think this post is pretty good. The one that used to get me every time, and still does more often that I’d like is the “box model” differences. I’ve gotten to where I do a small section of code and check in both browsers immediately, so that I don’t have to wait until the end to see all the problems, but solve them as I go along.


Oh… I should mention, that link I posted are for CSS “bugs” in IE6, but of course if the code works in IE6, it usually works in IE7 too.


The unpredictability of IE means that a cheat sheet would end up being more like a several cheat sheets, even a whole roll of sheets! The only way to get on with IE is experience, as I’m sure you know! Even when you nail all the common bugs, the uncommon ones start to take you apart!

If anything is good for detailing IE bugs that cause issues, I would say that is probably the best as both a learning tool (that’s where I learnt most of it anyway) and a reference. It’s no cheat sheet though.

If you do find anything good, please post it!


IE6 should be banned. The sooner the better. In fact Internet Explorer should be phased out full-stop. They’re nothing but a thorn in the side of the web designer/ developer who enjoys the all-round shininess of Firefox.
Has anybody tried out the beta IE8 yet?


I hate when you have to edit because of the browser compatibility. What a great tool/resource this would be, could be a nice niche web site.


Agreed with Phil – is probably the best tool out there. Granted, its not done up in a nice, easy-to-digest ‘cheatsheet’ – - but its an excellent resource.

In other news – IE should be abolished..period. :)

Have a great weekend!


This is one huge reason I’m glad that design & programming isn’t my career. Cross-platform compatibility is such a pain! At least the law makes sense…sometimes. :)


I would recommend always validating and using a doctype. Many, many issues will be resolved simply by doing these 2 things. Of course, if you’re already designing for Firefox, you probably know that but many people who learned on IE and make the switch and realize their site doesn’t look so hot haven’t yet learned about them.

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