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We Now Return to our Regular Programming

By Char

Apologies for the disappearing act this week, but real life intervened! My youngest child was hospitalized earlier this week for a kidney infection, but thanks to modern medicine and a tough little body, they cleared it up quick and we came home today.

Even though my husband was kind enough to bring my laptop and a wireless PC card to the hospital so I could work while my daughter rested, I couldn’t manage to focus my thinking skills long enough to do much other than visit some of my daily reads and leave a few comments. As a result, the Essential Tools feature will return next week.

Just in case you missed it:

There are a few of you who have not received your blogging birthday gifts yet – I have not forgotten you – I have just been a little unavailable this week. Thanks for your patience.

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Welcome back! How is the wee one?


Glad your daughter is on the mend. Rough week sounds like.


How wonderful the doctors could help your daughter so quickly, Char. It’s really hard when they’re hurting.

Take a break… we all need it at times. I took one when travelling abroad and I notice that others have been away as well. :-)


Ohhhhhh… that is the toughest when you little one is in the hospital. I think it hits you hardest afterwards and the FATIGUE you feel. Sending hugs.


Glad to see you back and thanks for the mention. Glad the little one is feeling better!


So glad your little one is better and back home. Now that you’re home, be sure to take care of yourself too.


Glad to hear N. is back home and feeling better. Happy bday Char.


Glad to read your kid’s on the mend, Char, and thanks for picking up on my little article (not that it’s very important where family is concerned).


Good to hear your son’s better. Welcome back.


Thanks all for the kind words! When the alarm went off this morning I couldn’t wait to get up, grab my coffee, and log in to my trusty desktop to catch up with all of you.

Happy Friday the 13th!


Happy Birthday Char!


I definitely can relate being in a hospital for a week (or two) for a loved one!

If you are running multiple domains/blogs on a self hosted WordPress, you’ll LOVE David’s tip on Customizing the WP Login screen, as it will help you visually identify which site your administrating! Thanks for the tip.

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