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Web Site Down? Maybe You Should Thank Your Hosting Company

By Char

All was fine in my world yesterday until I stopped into my site to grab a link to share with someone. Much to my horrors I got an error of epic proportions – a FORBIDDEN ACCESS 403 message. So I check my email and low and behold there is an email from my hosting company (Host Gator) stating that my site was using too many resources and they had temporarily shut it down.

I immediately freaked out because it wasn’t exactly a high traffic day and I hadn’t made any significant changes to my plugin line up in quite some time. I went back and forth with tech support at Host Gator (who were very prompt) to troubleshoot the issue. What had happened was that my site was under attack. Their system knew something was wrong and shut down access to my site before any damage could be done (so far as I can tell).

They granted access to my IP only so I could go in and change up passwords, update the database and ban the IP address of the “intruder”. Once I gave them the indication that I had done everything, they turned the site right back on.

So instead of cursing my hosting company for shutting down my site last night, I am THANKING them! Thank you Host Gator for protecting my site!



Wow, you were lucky!!!


Char, This whole hacker thing is getting more serious by the day. I’m starting to think that it won’t be long before we start pining for the days when all we had to worry about was comment spam. Grrr…


Sad that it was needed, but good thing HostGator reacted that promptly. Do you have any idea what the intruder tried to do?


Roxanne – yes, I was.

Chris – staying one step ahead of hackers is just impossible. Comment spam is definitely easier to deal with.

Andrew – yep – as easy as it is to get upset with your hosting company when a site goes down, they really did the right thing for me. Not sure what the hacker was going after – haven’t had time to really look at my log files close enough.


Wow! I’m glad that HostGator was right on top of everything!


Do you know if the attacker got in through a error in WordPress or was it something to do with the hosting? I have been told that keeping WordPress up-to-date prevents many of the attacks.

I’m glad to see you’ve got the site running again.


Good to hear a positive hosting story for once. I’ve long been in the camp that while bandwidth and space are cheap, if not free … the service and security of hosting will drive many to seek out a more mid-level service, instead of $5/month.

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