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What Everyone Ought To Know About Hiring A Web Designer

By Char

Guest BloggerAs chance, and a little bit of Monday Motivation, would have it, Wendy Piersall and I ended up as Guest Bloggers on each other’s blogs today. We really didn’t plan it that way, but it worked.

While she shared her essential tools for success with my readers, I got to share my insights on what you need to know when hiring a web designer with her audience.

Go on over and check it out! There will be a quiz later!



Thats brilliant, I’ve been trying to get myself started as a web designer (too scared to start though) your never sure whats around the corner.
Now I’ve designed 2 sites for family members and as they have a lack of knowledge it made the task very difficult ie trying to explain how it works saying they need hosting etc, and it really wasn’t worth all the agro, so its really put me off.
Maybe I could email you about it could do with the help, would love to know what people are really like and what they want etc?


Mike – I’ll email you. The first step is the hardest. Thanks for stopping in.


That’s a nice write-up Char.

Choice is one of the biggest factors you list. There are a lot of cowboys (and girls) out there so it’s important not to limit yourself.

Keep up the great blogging!


Thanks for the kind words David!!

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