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What’s Your Metaphor?

By Char

whats your metaphorInspired by my post “How do you explain blogging to your Mom?“, Liz Strauss at Successful Blog has decided to have a Group Writing Project called What’s your blogging metaphor.

How do you explain blogging? What other scenario reminds you of the blogosphere? Join in and give us your spin! We’d love to hear it.

The following have already joined in:

More inof – After 646-204, all those students who have failed in their 70-649 or 70-620 in the first attempt, should give it another try since the added experience of 642-901 and SY0-101 should help.

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Lara – you rock. I will add you shortly.


Just doin’ my blogolicious duty ;) Haha, notice how many of these metaphors have to do with food? :P


Trust Liz to come up with something as fantastically viral as this. ;) I should probably take part in the projects more, seeing as they’re so fun, and like yourself Charlene, I’m a SOB! :D


Man, I can see this project is going to absolutely RUIN my waistline with all this talk about food! (Not that it was in any great shape to begin with!) :-D


Hi Char

I’ve joined the ‘fair’ too: Blogging is BNI

(and Bob, mine’s not about food, or you have to count how many times I talk about breakfast ;-) )


I had a lot of fun with this one. Thanks for kicking it off. And, I’ve thought of about 10 more since writing about the conga this morning.


Dawud – Thanks for joining in on the fun. I just love that koala picture!


Hi Char
Thanks for being the inspiration for this wonderful group writing project.

I’ve posted mine – Blogging is a Tapestry

I look forward to reading all the entries.

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