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WordPress 2.8 – Better, Bolder, and Still in Beta

By Char

WordPress 2.8WordPress, which is undeniably one of the most amazing pieces of open source software to ever be developed, is getting ready for its next release – WordPress 2.8. While WordPress 2.8 is still in beta (round two at the time of this post), it appears that this already powerful and easy to use platform is about to get even better.

One of the highlights of this latest update is the ability to upload and activate a theme through the dashboard, much like you can do now with plugins. This is a huge plus – especially when you consider that the average WordPress user is intimidated by FTP.

Rather than rehashing what others have already put together so nicely – check out the following articles on the the new features for WordPress 2.8, its benefits and a very cool tutorial.

The official word from the Codex – WordPress 2.8

Kim Woodbridge spells it out in her post on WordPress 2.8: Upcoming Features and Enhancements

Clint Maher keeps it positive with Seven Reasons Why WordPress 2.8 is Better than Ever

Justin Tadlock has three posts on WordPress 2.8 already – The Complete Guide to Creating Widgets in 2.8, Custom Taxonomies in WordPress 2.8, and Tag Descriptions in WordPress 2.8.

I have not heard when the official release date for WordPress 2.8 actually is, but suspect it will be sometime in the next month or so. Have you tried the beta? What did you think? Do you think that the newer versions of WordPress are better or worse than the WordPress of old (2.1 and 2.3)?

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Hi Char – Thanks for linking to my article :-) And thanks for gathering all of these articles together.

I think 2.7 is much better than the older versions. I don’t think think the features in 2.8 will make a big difference to the average user but I’m personally very excited about the syntax highlighting.

I was asked in my comments but I haven’t tried the beta – no excuse other than lack of time.


Glad to do it! I haven’t had time to test the beta yet either.


I find wordpress is comming out with new versions a little too quickly. Why not come out with one each year, instead of hastily developing a version, find a whole bunch of bugs, then sending out a new version to fix those bugs a month later.
I’m all for open source, but I must complain about the number of times I have to update and re-update!

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