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WordPress and its Evolution

By Char

wordpress-logoI was just reading a post at WPBeginner on the Evolution of WordPress – definitely worth taking a look at as they have included screen shots of each major release.  It is hard to believe that WordPress, a completely free, open source piece of software has inspired so many to push it to the next level with every update.

In the beginning of the WordPress era, there were a handful of passionate developers who created free themes around the WordPress platform. Now there are literally THOUSANDS of free WordPress themes and hundreds of premium WordPress themes which will allow you to have WordPress morph into about any use you can imagine.

As the WordPress developer community continues to push the envelop of its capabilities, the end result is a platform that is easier to manage, customize and use as a business tool. Even non-techies can customize their own sites easily using premium themes from the likes of Studio Press, iThemes (especially their Flexx theme) and now the super flexible and friendly Headway theme. One of the benefits to using a premium theme over a free theme is there seems to be a better support network in place so you can get questions answered as you need them.

WordPress has come so far in 6 years – I’m sure the next 6 years will see some amazing new additions to make my favorite web development platform even better than it is right now.

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Even though 6 years sounds fast it still means a lot of work for the developers before seeing any results. Every day there’s new blogs using WordPress and I’ll be surprised if not almost everyone uses it within a few years.


A trip down memory lane :-) Ive been with wordpress from the start and seen it grow from strength to strength into the epic platform it is today – I do miss the sky blues of yesteryear

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