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Worth Sharing

By Char

Here are some of the best articles I have read this week, but first a public service announcement:

WordPress 2.8 is out and I just did the upgrade without any issues. If you haven’t upgraded your WordPress installation, DO IT NOW, your site will thank you.

And with that out of the way, here are some links I think you will find useful this week:

Have a great weekend!

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Hey Char,
FYI, I installed WP 2.8 last week, no major issues, However, I can’t Reply to Commets within the Admin page as I could with 2.7.1
Have you run into that or have any suggestions on a fix?
(yes, I did try disabling plugins and enabling one at a time, no go)


Joe – I am replying to your comment from within the admin panel. Do you not have the option or does it just not post?


Heya Char! Thanks for the link.

(Hey Joe! Long time, buddy!)

I’m realizing that I’m a bit old school when it comes to some of the newer WP features. I always go to the blog post to reply to comments. And I’m still very wary of the one-click upgrades for plugins and WP.

If I have a problem I want to know exactly where things hung up so I can undo them and get back working again as quickly as possible. Not that I’ve had any major problems, mind you.


Chris – I have not had any trouble with the one click upgrades for plugins through the dashboard or with installing plugins from the dashboard for that matter. However, I prefer to go to my cpanel and do one-click upgrades to WordPress through Fantastico because it does the back up of my existing installation for me. I have done the one click upgrade for WP through the dashboard on some of my smaller sites without issue though.

I agree that it is hard to get used to some of the new features like replying to comments from the admin panel – just like getting used to anything new can be. We are just such creatures of habit.


Char, I do have the option, but for some reason when I hit Reply, it takes me to the bottom of the page instead of giving me the Repy Box as it did in 2.7.1
No idea what is causing it. Same theme, same plugins (all updated if offered) it just doesn’t work. AAahhhhh!


Char, I again Deactivated ALL plugins and it still doesn’t work. :-(


Did you do the upgrade from your admin panel, Fantastico or manually?


Auto upgrade from Admin panel.
It’s a parent/child theme, and I just found out there is an upgrade for the parent.
I’m going to upgrade that and see if that works.
I’ll let you know

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