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Wrapping Up Another Year

By Char

While the first thing you might think of when I say wrapping is presents, my immediate task is wrapping up another year in business. Its time to tie up all the loose ends on existing projects and time to start closing out the books financially so I can be prepared for the most wonderful exercise of the year (NOT) – taxes.

In addition to wrapping up another year of business tasks, I will be taking time to look back at this year and see what worked, what didn’t, what I enjoyed working on, and what I didn’t, and using that insight, I will start to map out my goals and priorities for 2009.

I do know that I will be bringing my business site and this site together as one site with a whole new look and feel. The new site will contain my portfolio, details on the types of projects I can be hired for, more tips and insights into web working, design, and marketing, and I am working on some free tools to add to it as well.

Enjoy your holidays! Spend lots of time with loved ones and friends – eat, drink and be merry. And if you have to work on wrapping up your year in business, too, tie a big red bow on it – it’s more fun that way.

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I know the feeling. I’m a freelancer too, and the first few days of this Christmas holiday will be sorting out my tax return and just generally tying up businessy loose-ends for 2008. Then I can finally have a nice looong holiday. Merry Christmas!


That’s really an awesome idea, I never really reflect much towards the year end. Usually I’m looking ahead and trying to plan the future, then reflecting on what worked/didn’t work in the previous year. Great advice and something that I’m gonna do over the weekend.

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